Thoughts by Kerri-Ann

September 2012 was a day that sent a shock through my whole body. That was the day the earth lost one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life; she was only 34. I remember driving home from San Lameer and the weather was wild; raining and windy. Like the earth was crying. When I stopped I got the message that Kerri has died and the cause was unknown. Her ticket had just been clipped for the last time. My heart was broken.

I will never forget the day I met Kerri; a misunderstanding of an invite to some “underground” party meant that this crazy human dressed up as an alien. James and I looked at her and knew we just had to get to know her. And from that day forth, it was like we had been friends our whole lives. I miss her every day. My heart longs for a deep conversation that is hard to take seriously because she has tissues shoved up her nose. Our souls entwined, she enriched my life so much.

She was one of the kindest people I have ever met; honest and genuine. She gave freely and loved unconditionally and I loved her unconditionally, in all her crazy glory. I know when we reflect on the dead we tend to put them on a pedestal, but there isn’t a negative thing I remember except she left this earth way too young.

When Kerri left to move to the UK, we stayed in touch almost daily, and then I had Kelso and my life was consumed with all things baby, it became less frequent.

Here is one thing she wrote and some words that resonate so deeply every time I read them:

She Wrote:

Age equals experience? Yes, in what you’ve encountered.

Wisdom? Yes, if you’re able to learn from those experiences.

Does age and wisdom go hand in hand? No! Age gives you the ability to have a different perspective based on years of seeing differently, only if you’ve humbled yourself along the way.

Yes your approach changes as you age, because what becomes important on each era wasn’t the focus before; its harder to humble yourself when you age as you tend to become more set in your ways.

If you can step back from everything you’ve learnt and realise you are a beginner all over, then humbling yourself to life’s idiosyncrasies will assist you in continuing to grow in life’s lessons.

Never think you’re above or below. Experience equals many; how you deal with that shows growth. And still, with that knowledge; question, yearn, learn, grow.

Never become complacent, don’t settle, and if its difficult and challenging, its rewarding and has meaning.

Never give up, never doubt yourself or others. Don’t categorize yourself too much to prevent healing.

It is what it is. Love it!

I was always inspired by the way she lived her truth and was always living authentically; I loved her for that.

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